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Marching for Peace

Anselmo Malvetti, a member of our association, started his march for peace in East Ukraine on the 25th of July. Since 2014 this European region is the scene of an ongoing war. Most people are not aware of this war and European news outlets don’t cover it in their news.
Anselmo knows the Ukraine. He visited the country in the summer of 2013, a year before the war broke out. He brought humanitarian help to an orphanage in the city of Cherkassy situated in central Ukraine.
During this trip with his friends he also visited the Ukrainian Crimea region which was annexed by Russia in 2014 as the Ukrainian people were protesting on the Maidan in Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv. They declared their will to work with Europe rather than Russia.
As a student and a European citizen, Anselmo understood right away that the Ukrainian people needs Europe’s support on its way to independence non-submitted to Russia.

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As a pacifist he shows his solidarity with the innocent victims of this war.
He invites any interested person to join him for some days on his march for peace in a majestic scenery. Anyone willing to support Anselmo’s goal can donate for the war victim whom the peace initiative « Ad Pacem servandam » support to rebuild their lives.
100% of the donations is transmitted to the victims of the war.
This donation can be done by bank transfer to the following account IBAN LU28 0099 7800 0064 0276 (CCRALULL) with following mention: marche pour la paix Anselmo Malvetti

Follow also Anselmo on Instagram or Facebook @eefaltontour
The Tageblatt edition of the 19th of the July published an interview in German language with Anselmo. It can be read on the web site of « Ad Pacem servandam ».

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