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Annual cake sale in LGE for the benefit of refugees in Ukraine

From the 21st of October to the 12th of November, the students of the Lycée de Garçons Esch sur Alzette have organised their traditional cake sale whose profits will go to Ludmila Bazhenova and her grand-son Danil.

Danil and Ludmila are refugees who have left war-torn Donetsk in 2017, occupied by pro-russian separatists. A very sad family story has preceded their departure: The mother of Danil , gave birth while under occupation to a handicapped daugther. Unfortunately, she could not count onto the support of her partner, who became a prisoner of the separatists. On his return, he suffered from imbearable psyscological trauma and further upset the already precarious family life though violent behaviour. Unable to change the situation, Grand-mother Ludmila took the matter into her own hand and decided to escape with the 12-year old Danil to the city of Dnipro, which remains peaceful so far. On their way they had to pass a number of dangers, a minefield being the most noteworthy one.

Their few savings having rapidly been used up, they turned to the Greek-Catholic church for help, who turned to Caritas for help, who further passed their case on to our organisation.

Our money collection this year will thus go to help these two remarkably brave people. We have visited around 10 classes, during their weekly course “Life and society” to tell about their ordeal and the ongoing war in Ukrain in general. We encouraged the students to bake their own cake and sell it during the breaks for 1 euro per piece (under the motto “a piece for peace”). This sale brought a total of 650 euros, which will allow Ludmila and Danil to pay their rent up until April 2020. Caritas, in the meantime, looks for solutions to help them build up a strong and stable life.

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