Ecological society in the making – Bike for climate – Bike for peace

In order to establish a connection to the living in the broadest sense, the association Ad Pacem regularly organises bicycle tours. Because the bicycle is an important means of mobility that is carbon-free, economical and good for physical and mental health.

On cycle paths that lead through fields and forests, participants (re)discover villages and neighbourhoods in the fresh air, sights and monuments that bear witness to the history of our regions, including the most recent.

The ecological change that is essential for a desirable and more nature-friendly future is also achieved through cycling. In the city, cycling improves the quality of life for all: less noise, less air pollution related to climate change, less dependence on energy sources related to the current wars.

Below are links to our various cycling routes :

4th Bike Tour

3rd Bike Tour

2nd Bike Tour

1st Bike Tour