Kovalev Maxim

Born in 2003, Maxim is severely disabled from birth due to a rare genetic disease (Behr syndrome) and in a wheelchair. His father did not recognize him and abandoned the family after Maxim’s birth. His mother Svetlana continued to take care of him alone. She worked as a teacher at the technical school in Donetsk and her salary and Maxim’s disability pension allowed them to live modestly.

When war broke out in Donetsk in 2014, Svetlana faced serious difficulties. She has to take care of Maxim as well as her elderly mother who is in need of care. Her mother suffers from diabetes as well as heart, circulatory and blood pressure problems. Since June 2014 the old age and disability pensions are no longer paid, and there is not even enough money to buy the most important medicines. Maxim’s wheelchair became too small for him and broke, so he couldn’t leave the house for two years. Under these circumstances the flight to the free Ukraine was impossible for this family.

Svetlana’s family received material help from our private initiative in 2015-2017, especially for the acquisition of medicines, and we managed to buy a new wheelchair for Maxim at the end of 2016.

In November 2016 Maxim’s grandmother died, which he had taken care of a lot.

Maxim’s health is also deteriorating. Due to his unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity he suffers from insulin-dependent diabetes. In addition, his congenital disease is progressing, and the mental and psychological health of his mother Svetlana is also deteriorating. She considers this condition to be the result of the permanent stress and uncertain climate of the war as well as the lack of essential medicines.

In 2018-2022 our association continues to support this family with 30 euros monthly to ensure the administration of the most important medicines.