Our objectives and projects

Peace is the first and necessary condition for the development of humanity as a whole and for each individual.
The European Union is a project of peace and democracy. Having learned the lessons of the Second World War and the war in Ukraine, we see that a great war is again becoming possible in Europe. With this in mind, we have established our objectives to work for peaceful coexistence between the peoples of Europe.

We help victims of war and refugees fleeing dictatorial regimes in Europe. We do this with solidarity and support activities: charity concerts, sales of handmade products, collecting donations, welcoming refugees.
The donations are 100% destined to concretely help the victims whose situation we know well. For the past five years, students have been benefiting from our scholarships for university studies; some have fled their countries because these territories are occupied or at war, others have difficulty continuing their studies because of past wars.
All the information and awareness-raising activities (conferences, invitations, benefit concerts, media interviews, sales of our Ad Pacem calendar, etc.) that we organise are financed by our members’ annual contributions.

We strive to make the citizens of the peaceful and prosperous countries of the European Union aware of the wars and dictatorships, which – unfortunately – are not a thing of the past but are happening right now in Europe. In the media and in the public space (demonstrations, protests) we promote a culture of peace.
Together with young people we organise cultural visits to places and/or museums where wars took place in our Greater Region and/or in a European country.
The appropriation of natural resources and the destruction of the ecological environment are direct causes of wars. To raise awareness of this reality, we organise bike trips, over one or more days, to learn how to reduce our energy dependence (oil, gas, nuclear energy) on countries that export these energies. These countries are often also dictatorships and instigators of new wars.
Every year we organise a peace march to a place in Europe where there has been a war in the past (20th and 21st century). With the photos and information gathered on site, in museums and from political and cultural leaders, we publish the Ad Pacem calendar. The profits from the sale of the calendar go to help one or more people or an association that serves the victims of war. We also support projects and research on peace.

We invite victims, ex-prisoners of war and scientists who have published books on the inhuman consequences of war to speak in public (conferences, evenings) and in the media.
Finally, we organise conferences with representatives and experts committed to the research of peace and security in Europe. We are committed to developing non-violent solutions and projects that aim at peace.

While remaining open to religious and humanistic spiritualities that seek peace, it is the values of the Judeo-Christian faith that motivate our projects and goals.