Ukraine – our help

Providing aid to war victims is one of our three objectives.

Under this heading you will find all our aid for Ukrainian victims, scholarship holders or others, who live in free Ukraine or in the territories occupied by the Russian army.

Who do we help?

We are aware that we can only help a few people or families because we are a small association. It is important for us to be able to provide targeted and continuous help and to keep in touch with the people concerned.

To protect the victims we support from all kinds of discrimination and persecution, we have changed their names whenever necessary.

Activities for funding

Currently, we support mainly victims and internally displaced people in Ukraine. To raise funds to help them, we organise benefit concerts, festivals, appeals for donations, awareness-raising and information meetings and conferences, etc. for victims of war.

100% of the donations we receive are used to help these war victims in a concrete way. The organisation of our awareness-raising and information projects is financed by our members’ annual fees.