From 2019 to 2023

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Kovalev Maxim

Born in 2003, Maxim is severely disabled from birth due to a rare genetic disease (Behr syndrome) and in a wheelchair. His father did not recognize him and abandoned the family after Maxim’s birth. His mother Svetlana continued to take care of him alone. She worked as a teacher at the technical school in Donetsk… Continue reading Kovalev Maxim

Mihajlova Marina

The Mihajlova family is a family with two daughters, they come from Donetsk and belong to the Greek Catholic community. In summer 2014 they had to flee from Donetsk to Dnepr. The financial situation of the family was very difficult, as the father could only find work occasionally (no permanent employment) and the mother could… Continue reading Mihajlova Marina


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In the summer of 2022, Lev Borodin successfully completed his studies and received a bachelor’s degree. Here is an excerpt from a letter from his family: “We always remember you with gratitude! Thank you so much for your support during the most difficult time when we left Donetsk in 2014, rented a flat in Dnipro,… Continue reading BORODIN Lev


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Larisa comes from a Greek Catholic family in Donetsk. When war broke out in 2014, her family was unable to leave, as her grandparents refused to leave the city and her parents could not leave them on their own without help. For the sake of their only daughter Larisa’s future, her parents made the difficult… Continue reading Larisa


Andrij comes from a Greek-Catholic family that fled Donetsk in 2015. Only two grandmothers remained there, as they felt too sick and old to start their lives again elsewhere. In early 2020, Andrij’s father died of cancer. This was a very hard blow for him and also for his mother. She had to work very… Continue reading Andrij


With the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022, Stefan actively participated in helping refugees from the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, helped to temporarily house refugees, providing them with food and basic necessities. Together with his friends from the seminary and his father’s parish, he founded an art court for refugees, helped… Continue reading Stefan