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Marching for Peace

Since this Thursday, July 25, 2019, Anselmo Malvetti, member of our association, has started his peace march in Eastern Ukraine. Since the year 2014, in this part of Europe a war against the Russian aggressor is taking place. This war is today largely ignored by the European media.

Anselmo knows Ukraine because he was there in 2013, a year before the outbreak of this war, to bring humanitarian aid to an orphanage in Cherkassy, a city in central Ukraine.

During this trip he also visited with his friends the Crimea, then Ukrainian, which was annexed by Russia in 2014 when the Ukrainian people were demonstrating in the capital, on the Maidan, their desire to turn towards Europe and not Asia.

As a student and a European citizen, Anselmo understood that the Ukrainian people needed Europe’s support on their way to an independent state not subject to Russia. As a pacifist, he shows solidarity with the innocent victims of this war.

He invites anyone interested to join him for a few days’ march for peace in a beautiful landscape. Anyone who wants to support him in his action can make a donation to the victims of this war in Ukraine, whom we support in rebuilding their lives.

This donation can be made by bank transfer to the account IBAN LU28 0099 7800 0064 0276 (CCRALULL) with the mention: Anselmo Malvetti Peace March.

You can follow Anselmo’s progress by logging on to Instagram or on Facebook @eefaltontour

To find out more about Anselmo’s motivation to undertake this solidarity action, you can read below, in PDF format, his interview published in the luxemburgish newspaper “Tageblatt” on 19 July 2019.

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