Newsletter 32

7th General Meeting – Bike for climate – Outing to Verdun

Dear friends, dear members,

The Board of our association “Pour la Paix et contre la Guerre – Ad pacem servandam” called its members to the 7th General Meeting, which was held on 23 March 2024. You can consult the report of the GM by clicking on the following link:
=> Report on our 7th General Meeting 2024

Bike for climate – bike for peace

This is the third year that Ad Pacem has organised this peaceful initiative on two wheels. Cycling is good for individual health and reminds us of the many advantages of a policy that promotes cycling as part of our daily mobility (cycle paths in and around our towns, cycle parking facilities, etc.). Some of the wars currently being waged (notably in Ukraine, Sudan and Syria) are wars in which the aggressors appropriate energy resources to consolidate their dictatorial powers. Added to this is climate change, which calls into question our erroneous travel habits.
These arguments, combined with the pleasure of seeing you again, mean that we are delighted to invite you to our 5th cycle tour, which will take place on Saturday 18 May 2024The tour will start at 9am in front of the church in Elvange, Luxembourg, where you can park for free all day. We plan to return to the same place at around 5pm.
The route, of around forty kilometres, will take us mainly along cycle paths in Luxembourg and Saarland.
The programme includes a number of interesting visits: the European Museum in Schengenthe Roman villa at Borgand the Roman mosaic at Nennig, the latter two being among the largest and best preserved north of the Alps. We will also pass by the Remerschen nature reserve and the Remich esplanade, all set in the heart of the Moselle landscape and the surrounding vineyards.
All visits are free of charge for participants, as they are paid for by the association. Please bring your own provisions for lunch, in the form of a packed lunch.
To take part, please confirm your attendance by e-mail to [email protected] before 15 May.
You can find out more about the route by clicking on the following link:
=> Ad Pacem Bike Tour n. 5

VERDUN: “Des Flammes à la Lumière” show

Ad Pacem also invites you to take part in its outing to the “Des Flammes à la Lumière” show, which recalls the First World War battle at Verdun, on Friday 28 June 2024 (from dusk until around midnight).
It’s one of Europe’s biggest shows on the 1914-18 War. 250 actors, 1,000 spotlights and 2 hectares of stage space will immerse you in the sounds and sights of combat and life in the trenches.
For more information on the show, visit the following website:
We will organise the purchase of tickets. If you are interested in seeing this unique show, let us know before 25 May by emailing [email protected].
To make travelling easier, we are organising a car pool. If you are coming with your own car, let us know please if you have room to take other people with you.
The departure time from Esch-sur-Alzette will be communicated to you a few days before.

Best peace regards,

Claude Pantaleoni

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