Russia’s war against Ukraine, Support actions for Ukraine

30 December 2023: our association Ad Pacem has financed a surgical operation for the young student Maria S. A tumour was removed from her left leg. It was an abnormal form of varicosis. Maria and her mother Inga would like to thank all Ad Pacem members for their help. In her letter, Inga writes: “We are internal refugees from Kramatorsk and are currently living in a hostel in Kropivnyckij (central Ukraine). We lost our house in Kramatorsk (due to the war). My daughter is now studying distance learning at the University of Odesa. In the summer of 2023, a tumour formed on her left leg below the knee and varicose veins were discovered during an examination. The doctor recommended removing them surgically. But the cost of the operation was too high for me as I am bringing up my daughter alone. Thanks to the help of Ad pacem, this necessary operation was possible. And my daughter will be healthy again”.

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