Concerts and literary evenings, Russia’s war against Ukraine

11 December 2022: The Advent charity concert, organised by the Franciscan Sisters of Mercy of Belair (L), was this year for the benefit of the association “Ad Pacem servandam”. Before the concert, the vice-president presented the activities and projects of the association. After the concert the sisters donated the proceeds to our association to support the team of volunteer doctors in the field hospital near the front in the Kharkiv region.

Russia’s war against Ukraine

9 September 2022: The “Refugee Reception Centre” in the city of Pidgorodne (near Dnipro) is currently hosting more than three thousand refugees. The number is constantly increasing due to the arrival of refugees from the south of Ukraine occupied by the Russian army. With the money sent by our association Ad Pacem were bought: a water heater with a pump to send hot water to the different bathrooms, a microwave oven and a fridge (300 l) with a freezer part.The money came from the appeal for donations during the month of July in the municipality of Differdange (L) and from a solidarity concert organisedon 24 August 2022 in the small town of Serra Sant Abbondio (Marche region) in Italy. 

Discovering places of conflict

There will be no peace in the Balkans without peace between religions

The Association Committee “Ad Pacem servandam” held its peace march this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of the march was to attend important war sites from World War II and the Bosnian War (1992-1995) to see if the consequences of these wars can still be felt today.

After spending several days trekking in unique mountainous terrain, we visited war museums and monuments in Mostar and Sarajevo. During meetings with representatives of the religious communities we learned how difficult their coexistence is today. The wounds of the Bosnian wars are not yet healed. In Jablanica we also had the opportunity to learn about the aftermath of the Battle of Neretva.

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General meetings

Minutes of our 3rd General Assembly 2020

The third General Assembly of our association “For Peace and Against War” was held on Wednesday 5 February 2020 on the 1st floor of the regional cultural centre “Aalt Stadhaus”, 38 avenue Charlotte in Differdange (L).
The president, the vice-president and the secretary were present for the committee, the treasurer being excused, leaving a proxy to the secretary Christian Welter. Sixteen members were present in the room, while twenty-three had sent apologies.
After welcoming everyone, the president gave a detailed report of all the activities, related to the three objectives of the association, that it had organised during 2019.

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