Russia’s war against Ukraine

The team of doctors at the field hospital who received our helmets and bullet-proof waistcoats at the beginning of April 2023 also included Oleg, a first-aid nurse. On 6 December 2023, Oleg sent us a text message and photos of himself in hospital. In his message he wrote: “At the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I, like many of my school colleagues, changed classes and went to the front as a first-aid nurse to help our soldiers liberate our country from the Russian invaders. On 1 December 2023, we were carrying wounded soldiers off the battlefield when we came under fire. I was hit by projectiles, but saved thanks to God’s help and the bullet-proof waistcoat and helmet that you bought for me. Please accept my sincere thanks on the occasion of today, the Feast of St Nicholas, and I wish you all a long life!”

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