In the summer of 2022, Lev Borodin successfully completed his studies and received a bachelor’s degree. Here is an excerpt from a letter from his family:

“We always remember you with gratitude! Thank you so much for your support during the most difficult time when we left Donetsk in 2014, rented a flat in Dnipro, looked for a job, tried to get our lives together. During the same period our son Lev had spinal problems, which were added to his thyroid problems. It was difficult. Lev had finished school and it was time for him to go to university to continue his studies. It was understood that education would cost a lot of money, especially since Lev chose a university in Kiev. And in this difficult time you offered help from people who collected donations and helped those in need. God is always in our lives! All four years you paid for Lev’s education and living expenses in Kiev. Thanks to your support Lev got an education at the University of Kyiv named after B. Grinchenko, where he studied programming, teaching programming. It was our son’s dream to get this specialty. After leaving Donetsk, he missed his friends from the same class. At university he just found guys who were close in spirit and interests and with whom he became friends.The specialisation he received opens up great opportunities to realise his plans and dreams. Now Lev is continuing to study more deeply on his own, learning the programming languages required for his work. The university taught him to study, search and master the necessary information.Thank you very much for helping our family in a difficult time, for giving our son the opportunity to get an education and to realize his dreams and plans.Thank you for your great support not only for us, but also for other families and young people from Ukraine, for your responsive heart, for not caring about the difficulties of people in our country! May God help you in your deeds!With gratitude, the Borodin family – Irina, Yuriy and Lev.”